Nothing sparkles like a Bagley diamond.
For over a century, Bagley’s has created stunning diamond jewelry using only diamonds that we have personally selected for brilliance.  With a highly trained eye we carefully look at each diamond and choose only the most brilliant.
While color and clarity are important, they don’t make the diamond sparkle.  You can compare 1ct. diamonds that sound exactly alike, and yet be $1500 apart.  Why?  The difference is in the brilliance.

Don’t make a $1500 mistake. We don’t want that to happen, and we know you don’t. For that reason we don’t want you to buy online without knowing the difference. We take pride in the help and guidance we offer customers.  We’re not high pressure sales people… We’re jewelers who know this is a very important choice you are making. We’ll give you the time and information needed to make a knowledgeable decision.

(prices change with fluctuations in precious metals prices)

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    Diamond jewelry that moves with you. Click for Video
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