Pearl Necklaces

  • Pearl Necklaces

    Add A Pearl Necklace
    Start a tradion. Build a beatiful pearl neacklace for that special person by adding to a wearable necklace on any occassion.
    Start Her Pearl Necklace
    Begin with one (or more) pearl on white or yellow gold chain. Add pearls for any occasion and they will be restrung on the adjusted chain. This is a gift that can be worn as it grows!
    Classic Pearl Strand
    You can choose your pearl size and length. White, rose', other colors available.
    Two strand Pearl/Sterling Silver
    Airy, open look, yet sturdy.
    Pearl/Pink Sapphire Pendant
    Multi Strand Keshi Pearls
    Multi Color Pearl Strand Necklace
    Pearl/sapphire Pendant